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Cameron Marshall Steps Down From His Position As CEO.

Cameron Marshalls Latest Release Mission

Cameron Marshall is to step down from his position as CEO at Radius Records as detailed in an email sent to partners and artists affiliated with Radius Records.

In an email sent to the partners and artists affiliated with the record label, Cameron Marshall outlined the reasons as to why he has stepped down from his position.

To be a part of Radius Records is to be part of something special. I’ve learnt that over the last year and two months since I joined to partner with Byron Hale as CEOs. In that period, I have listened to every single demo from you, the artists, that we’ve received, I’ve worked on the distribution of your releases and laboured to do everything possible that can make them successful.
Since I joined, Radius Records has grown exponentially. We have released over 100 tracks and achieved over 350,000 streams, we’ve grown our global artist base significantly and these are achievements I’m truly proud of. But I’m most proud of building a record label that works for the artists, not vice versa and I feel we’ve carved out progress within the industry for fairness towards artists.
Today, I am announcing my resignation as CEO of Radius Records. For me personally it is time to move on, but I leave the record label in a very positive place under Byron’s leadership to take advantage of the last year’s success to progress further. I believe the future of the label is a very exciting prospect for all of you involved and I look forward to continue watching Radius Records thrive long into the future.

Radius Records plans to continue to excel into the future as Cameron takes a step away from the record label, ending a year and 2 months of involvement.

The Radius Records team wish Cameron Marshall the best for the future as he moves onwards and upwards!

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