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Byron Explains How Radius Strive For Greatness!

It's a known fact that Radius Records is on the up but the question on everyone's mind is how they have managed to succeed in an incredibly hard industry where for most, success is only a dream and not a reality.

So, we decided to interview one of the CEO's to find out how he and his business partner have made Radius Records one of the biggest up and coming record labels of the 21st Century.

When asked about the recent upturn the label has had, he had the following to say.

"Yeah the label has been doing incredibly well and the entire team are happy with the trajectory we are on but now isn't the time to be complacent, we as still pushing and trying to make any small step forward because they do add up." He went on to add.

"It's important that we stay true to our values and that we make sure we live up to those and if we start to move away from those then we will struggle as our USP (Unique selling point) is what makes us much more attractive than our competitors."

How has Cameron assisted in the labels development?

"Cameron is an incredible asset to the team and I'm proud to work alongside him. His motivation is unrivalled and he helped to reinvigorate me into this record label after I started to lose faith in the record label as it began to decline slightly. He was the light at the end of the tunnel and showed a new reality where we could succeed and compete with our close competitors." What are the plans for the labels future?

"The plans are quite flexible but at the moment its about continuing to build the infrastructure, we want to make sure our foundations are solid before we begin to build up and we are beginning to see success as a result of those foundations which we have built over time. I think we are at a stage where we can begin attracting larger and larger artists, this was proven with one of our more recent releases, the artists that made that song had over 2,000 monthly listeners which is a positive step!"

Sweet Surprise by BounceBeatz, Hover Glazz Featuring Sky saw incredible success in only 4 days!

From the interview, we can deduce that the Dynamic Duo of Byron and Cameron have oiled well and continue to pursue the values which Byron set out in August of 2019. We can also tell that the label is going to continue growing and that the pair are committed to continuing there work towards Radius Records.