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Byron Hale and Cameron Marshall sign a long term agreement to remain CEO's of Radius Records

It's official, the future of Radius Records is secure with Byron Hale and Cameron Marshall both signing long term agreements to stay at the head of the label and lead the label to success. During the short time they have worked together, they began restructuring the label and have helped Radius Records to grow and succeed in the music industry. This announcement secures the long term of Radius Records and provides the staff but also artists with further hope as the duo set there sights on 2021 and beyond!

In a joint statement, they both expressed there ambition to continue developing and oversee the growth of Radius Records, they also said "It's never been easy but as all things in life, you have to put in the effort and we have the dedication to take the Radius Records name to the top!" With Radius Records on an upward trajectory following Cameron's and Byron's partnership, the hope is that they can continue to see the label succeed and move up the orders. They have already began setting plans for the future and have ambitions high.

This announcement reaffirms to artists that Radius Records will continue to grow its roster and that its name is not disappearing any time soon. After the label made a small profit in 2020, the label hopes it can make a good profit against other costs as it seeks a second strong year.

When asked about it, Byron had this to say, "Obviously it's exciting to know that your position is secure, but now is not the time to be complacent, now is the time to push as adrenaline is high and there is a lot at stake, I will not see this label decline and will do everything in my power to lift it higher!"

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