Founded on the 29th August 2019, Radius Records did not intend to be a global leader in the record label industry and instead intended to promote music made by other aspiring artists across the globe. However, the goals of the company (at the time amazing sounding songs) changed drastically as people started seeing it more as a record label as opposed to being a music promotion service centred around video's promoted on YouTube. When this happened, Byron Hale turned his attention to music distribution but couldn't quite fathom the immense work that would be required in order to release music.

After losing focus on the record label, Byron Hale had lost hope and wanted to see if anyone had created a record label under the same name. That's when Byron met Cameron Marshall, a young and aspiring artist who had created his own record label aiming to have similar objectives as Byron. After intense negotiations, the duo came up with an agreement and became one entity, this formed Radius Records but it also formed a partnership which would see the label flourish as there strengths eliminated each others weaknesses.

After the first Radius Records Release on June 19th, the duo would release a further 26 tracks over the rest of the year. The pairing would also achieve 50,000 streams on Spotify over the 6 months they had worked together and would be blown away by the immense support that artists showed towards the label. This success reignited the dream of maintaining a healthy and flourishing label and reaffirmed to the duo that the pairing that had been formed was a strong one which allowed them both to excel further than they would've been able too by themselves.

They now have their sights on 2021 as they have already began planning on the future of Radius Records!